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Digital distribution has become a crucial aspect of the modern music industry. With the rise of streaming services and online music stores, artists can now reach a global audience with ease. This has opened up new opportunities for independent musicians to gain exposure and build a fanbase without the need for a major record label. Additionally, digital distribution allows for more control over the distribution process and can lead to higher profits for artists.

With companies like Tunecore, CDBaby and Distrokid offering online, self-service distribution to everyone it's easier than it has ever been to independently release music.


These companies are ideal for hobbiests and amateurs, but for those serious about their music careers they can be found lacking. Many of them offer subscription based services and promise you will “keep 100% of your royalties”, but for most people starting out and still building an audience the truth is that you will likely have to use most, if not all, of your royalties to pay the annual subscritption fee!

They also charge extra fees, and take commission, for anything beyond basic delivery to the online stores and streaming platforms. So collecting all of your revenue streams can become very expensive before you've even received any royalties let alone “kept” any of it.

Traxploitation's digital distribution service differs from those services in many important ways.

Unlimited Artist Names

The subscriptions at other distribution companies are usually based on a band or artist name. You can upload unlimited tracks under that name for one annual fee. Each side project, alter-ego or rebrand will incur another annual charge. With Traxploitation there is truly no limitation. Unlimited tracks and artist names! 

Repertoire Transfer Service

If you have tracks already released via another distributor we can transfer those recordings to your Traxploitation account while retaining all your statistics. For listeners, nothing will change, any saved or playlisted songs will be preserved. 

No Annual Fees

For many artists, especially those in the growth stages of their career, the revenue from royalties will be low, and can often be less than the annual fees charged to release the music in the first place. With a flat commission of 15% across all revenue streams you will never pay more than you receive 

No Payout Threshold

While other distributors may hold your earnings until you hit a threshold, our service pays out immediately, no matter the amount. Your music earns, and you get your money without delay.

YouTube Monetization

Every track distributed via Traxploitation will also be monetized on YouTube via content ID. This means that any snippets of audio from your tracks uploaded to YouTube will be detected and you will receive the ad revenue, at no extra cost to you. 

Recording Registration Service

The earnings from your recordings isn't limited to just the revenue from DSPs like Spotify. Your tracks can also earn "Neighbouring Rights" royalties. We will assist you in registering your release for all relevant revenue

Please submit your music below to be considered for a distribution deal. If you meet or criteria you will be offered a deal tailored to your needs. 

If you accept the deal, we will then work to transfer any existing repertoire you have, while retaining the stats and beginning planning your future releases. 

Don't worry if you don't have a large audience, or haven't released any music yet as audience size and number of streams aren't part of the criteria. 

What we're looking for are artists capable of producing high quality music and that are active, prolific and driven to succeed.

Does that sound like you? Get in touch today! 

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