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Whether you are a session musician, independent artist, or artist manager one thing is for sure and that’s there is a lot of work that needs doing. Once there is a system in place, maintaining everything can be very straightforward, the problem is most people don’t even know where to start.

This is hardly surprising, the music industry is a minefield and much of what you need to know is idiosyncratic and not common sense at all. In fact, in many cases, the way you may assume it works is almost the exact opposite of what the reality is.

The aim of our consultation program is to give you the necessary knowledge and skills, and a system to implement them so that your musical works are kept in order and future issues avoided.

This can include; registering compositions with a performing rights society such as PRS for Music and/or registering sound recordings with neighbouring rights organisations such as PPL(UK), Sound Exchange (USA), SENA (NL) etc..

Once your works are all registered we can then help you maximise the earnings by submitting claims, logging performances, and monitoring and reporting other uses of your music.

The first 20-minute session is free so that we can work out what exactly it is that needs to be done. To claim your free consultation, click "book now" under the intro consultation below, and choose an available day and time for your session

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