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PPL and PRS for Music launch joint venture

And now on centre stage…TheMusicLicence

You may have seen in the music press that PPL and PRS for Music have launched a joint venture, PPL PRS Ltd, to bring public performance licenses under one roof, but what does this mean for you, the composers and performers.

Well, with regard to royalty payments, there will be no change. For those of you registered with PPL and/or PRS for Music you shall continue to receive your royalty payments as you always have.

PPL will continue to represent performers and record companies whilst PRS for Music continue to represent songwriters, composers and music publishers.

So why the change?

Previously there has been some confusion around the need for a licence from PPL and PRS for Music separately to enable a business or organisation to play music in public. The introduction of one licence – TheMusicLicence – hopes to remove this confusion and make music licensing more straightforward and accessible.

In 2017, the two societies jointly collected nearly £290 million in revenue which was paid back to you, their members. With the launch of TheMusicLicence, this figure is expected to increase.

PPL PRS are committed to standing up for musicians’ rights and have a strong company belief that everyone involved in the music industry is entitled to be fairly rewarded and recognised for their hard work.

This change has been welcomed by the government and the industry alike. Minister for Intellectual Property, Sam Gyimah said of the launch: “In the past, businesses that chose to play music for their customers and staff to enjoy meant that they had to apply for two separate licences. This new approach, simplifying music licensing, will mean they can save time by applying for one single licence. We must make sure that our world-class musicians and performers are rewarded for their work. This is why in the recent Creative Industries Sector Deal, part of our Industrial Strategy, we strengthened copyright protections to give this exciting sector the support it needs to thrive.”

TheMusicLicence came into operation at the end of February this year, and PPL PRS are now actively spreading the word that establishments which are licensed to play music are not only helping to add value to their business, they are also ensuring the music industry thrives, that musicians and composers, like you, can continue to produce amazing pieces of work that the world loves!

How you can help spread the word

How vital are royalty payments to you?

Are they the difference between being able to continue with the work you love to produce and not?

PPL PRS would love to hear from any of you who would like to talk about how important this income stream is, how it has enabled you to buy much-needed equipment or helps pay the bills.

They want to show businesses where their money goes, how it goes back to the music industry, how without it many artists would simply not be able to survive.

Visit the PPL PRS website. Watch the video.

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